As Christians because our spirits get alive to God and become one with His we become aware of the realities of the spiritual war that is ongoing. The fallen world is under the sway of the wicked one. We have such a privileged position that our Father kept us here on earth equipped by His Spirit inspite of what enemy continues to do which is kill, steal and destroy. It is a privilege because He created this world with intentions to be multiplied by His image, therefore it is the enemy’s works we have the privilege to destroy like our King Jesus did while He was on earth. What does it take to remind the defeated foe he is defeated ? The answer is trusting God for who He is and inheriting His divine promises. If we have a defeated mentality in dealing with spiritual war and then read the word of God we will automatically either not be able to see the true essence of what He is speaking or we will reject the truth or see ourselves as grasshoppers. But if we carry a victor’s mindset and read the word of God we will surely find that we are what the word of God says we are. In this teaching by brother Curry Blake you will get 3 scripture verses to trust God with and stand on necessary to win the war around you. Check it out!

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