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We have been born into a fallen world and unless we get born again there is never an opportunity to truly know who we are. It is only in God through Jesus Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit will we know who we were made to be. Outside of it we will always have identity crisis in the form of mid life crisis, addictions, sexual confusion, gender confusion,finding identity through careers or through people who will need to love us enough for us to feel better. When the core of us our identity is missing we will always try to find purpose in life. Why go through cycles and confusion and simply get truth and understanding from God, His word and through precious Holy Spirit ? Here is a solid preaching by Pastor Dan Mohler on the topic. Be blessed and know who you are!

Hate and love are not equal opposites. Hate does not stand a chance in front of love. Only love transforms. Enjoy this song!

A song of pure intimacy where you sing from the place of receiving Abba Father’s pure love and acceptance for you. With this song let your heart find peace and security in Him alone. Let your heart be settled and established on Him alone. His love alone quiets us. In the midst of the loud accusations of the enemy, our Father sings over us. Hear it and enjoy!

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