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When the intimacy with Holy Spirit deepens we truly begin to see the real nature of His. Those words which we read in the new testament become experiential knowing of Him. The more we know Him the more we understand how much He is truly for us. If He convicts us of something, it is because He knows how He really created us. Even when we sometimes forget and drift off into others issues of life or cruise life with the understanding we have from the world, He is still there waiting. Can you actually recognize the fact that He is always ever present and our unwillingness to walk in His ways doesn’t make Him say : “that’s enough I am out of here ?”. He is love Himself and suffers long and is kind. He keeps working in us without loosing sight of where He is going. Such a trusted companion we have. Let us truly honor His presence, work and desire in our live. Enjoy this song of worship which obviously resulted out of deep fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Be blessed!

One of the privileges we have as children of God is to be able to minister to God’s heart every moment of the day. In fact we have been instructed to make melody in our hearts to God. Its a privilege to do so. Because of what He has already done for us, because of His never changing state of being of love towards us, our hearts should always be erupting with praises and worship for Him as we cannot contain or hold it inside of us. This perspective is only a reminder of what worship to our Maker is and what a privilege of worship we have. Be blessed by this hillsong’s song of praise for our Heavenly Father.

Our heavenly Father who happens to be the God Almighty and the Master of the entire Universe, loves to make things simple for us. Instead of giving us a list to follow to ensure we are in line with Him, He makes it simple by instructing us to always seek His Kingdom first and His righteousness. The simplicity is in this that we have to do is go to Him, seek Him, follow Him, keep His word and from that place everything else flows out. Jesus asked the disciples to follow Him and in doing so they became apostles and fishers of men. We ought to go to Him and He makes us like Him. That is why in everything we must ensure in our lives that we are keeping Him first and seeking Him first. The best part about that is it aligns everything else in our lives and puts things in the right perspective, else confusion and lack of focus will rule our lives. Enjoy this song by Jason Upton which talks about seeking Him and His Kingdom first as you reflect and examine your own lives to see what changes you can bring. Be blessed!

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