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Dear friends enjoy this beautiful song of worship to our Beloved Jesus, our King of glory.

Friend, yes in your situation you need to shake yourself off of what pulls you down or hold you back and start to lift high praises for the Lord. Let this song of worship activate you into it.

The biggest difference between the disciples of Jesus in the first century and now is that now disciples of Jesus think there is an Utopian world by following Jesus but the disciples then were willing to go through anything. All our ducks do not have to be in a row for us to continue doing the words of Jesus. This means that all our situations, circumstances and relationships do not have to be perfect for us to follow Him. We must keep in mind that we are here for Him. Therefore two of the most distinguishing marks of a disciple of Jesus are love and obedience. Infact they both are intertwined when it comes to Jesus. We cannot say we love Him if we do not obey His words. Listen to this great teaching by brother Curry Blake that you just cannot afford to miss. Be blessed!

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