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Friends, if a house must first have a foundation and be built up before it can hold other floors above it, why should we think that we are dependable for others if we are not strong in God? How can we truly help others conquer their battles if we are weak in our characters? How can weak and ineffective person be a blessing to ministries, friendships, work environment and marriages ? Many times we hasten to enter into people’s lives to help them whereas we haven’t helped ourselves get strong first. Think about it! If we are not building our own lives on God’s word which is firm and never shaking then how can we help others stand if they help? Will we give them false foundations instead?

When a vegetable gets dipped into vinegar its nature changes so much that it carries a taste somewhere between the cucumber and the vinegar. That is the description of baptism. If we indeed have been baptized with Jesus into His death we have died to the old man we used to be. Our nature itself changes as a result of being baptized into Jesus. Following Jesus then is easy, it is simply denying oneself, picking up his or her own cross and following Jesus. As we submit to Jesus as the Lord of our lives we can truly submit to one another. Enjoy this teaching by sister Chelsea from JGLM. Be blessed!

The most many Christians understand faith to be is having faith for things in life or for life to be better. But the bible does not talk about that. The bible talks of the faith that we live for. No matter how life keeps going we stand in that faith. Life rarely ever goes the way it could. There are too many parameters that could influence and could be far from the truth. But one thing we Christians have been called to do is live by the faith. It is in fact a view or perspective or even a lens we live from. No matter what challenge comes our way, or which person treated wrongly or even what tragedy comes our way, living from the faith is about having a view on life that bigger than all of these circumstances. We cannot choose our circumstances in life that they will surely go a certain way but we sure can choose the perspective we will have in spite of all that. Living from this viewpoint aligned fully to what Heaven wants will enable us to go through this life with a clear purpose of why we are here on earth. There is a bigger view than what we see for a time frame. Making that bigger and clearer will enable us to live right.

Enjoy this teaching by Pastor Dan Mohler on this topic. Stay rooted and ground in His love!

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