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“Father God, we lift up this nation of Reunion in front of Your throne, asking You for true knowledge of You to come among the people, let Your name alone be lifted up here. We thank You for the beauty with which You have made this nation, all of the creation declares Your majesty and we stand in awe of You that You are so great and mighty and yet You made us in Your image. We cry out for people to come to the true knowledge of their Father. Let them know You God. We pray this nation would be delivered from the corruption of this world as a result of the fall. We pray that there would be hearers of Your word who would receive Your word with all their hearts. In You alone is salvation found , we pray that Jesus would be lifted high so that He can draw all men to Himself. In Jesus’ name. Amen. “


Dear friends in Christ,
There are people in this nation who Jesus has given His life for and many do not know about it. Let us pray that the word of the Lord would be sent there, there laborers of God would be sent there in greater numbers so that they bring the good news of Jesus to them and bring them back to who they were always made to be in Him. Check out this video to get an idea of the beauty God has made this island with: 

“Father God, the entire creation groans and moans for the manifestation of Your sons, we pray for Your sons to be manifested from this nation, we ask for hunger in the people of this nation that they would hunger to know You, hunger to know the Lord of lords and King of kings, hunger to know who they truly have been created to be. We ask You for an awakening in this nation, Lord. We ask You for supernatural manifestations in this nation. We ask You for prophets in this land that they would be watchmen at night governing the entire landscape by the authority in Jesus. We pray for the businesses in this nation that they would begin to see Your hand that Your hand would be made known. We pray that this nation would be known, Lord. We ask You these things in Jesus’ name! Amen”


Friends, thank you for yours effective prayers over the nations. Let us lift up this nation and intercede for sons of God to be manifested!

“Father God in Heaven we pray for this nation of Taiwan, You have called people for Your own self to be worshipers of You. What a privilege it is to worship You! We pray for people of this nation that they would know their Father in Heaven that You have adopted and invited them into Your Kingdom. Over the years this nation has known many leaderships but they have not yet known what Your leadership and Your government looks like therefore we ask You that You would raise up people who would display these aspects of You. Let Your people know You Lord and let them call out for You alone. We pray for Your Church which is representing Your Kingdom here in this nation, we pray that she will possess the gates of enemies and cause Your name to be known instead. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen!”

Lets continue to lift up prayers for this nation of Taiwan, Church! We must pray and ask for impossible things that are possible for God alone! Stay blessed!

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