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Hey friends! We want to encourage you today if you have drifted off from Heavenly Father because of whatever reason that you can always get back to Him. He is waiting for you no matter where you have been. He is not a Father who is judging you as per your actions and placing them above your created value. He knows what you look like when He is done with you. So just return to Him and abide in Him! Any reason that took you away from Him surrender that as well this time and let Him work on you. We encourage you with this song! Stay blessed!

Christians who do not fully know their God often find themselves in circles of sin and repeated non life producing behaviors. In fact even when the truth about a certain situation is known many Christians do not actually do the truth. If you find yourself to be one of those who have committed something even knowingly, realize that God alone is the source of your life and turn to Him. If you find yourself to one of those who know the truth but find yourself to be disobedient to it, turn yourself over to the Lord and His grace that is able to transform you. All in all you must be willing to admit that only God alone is able to change the situation for you. The bible tells us repeatedly of examples that have gone before us looking at whose lives we can change our behavior in God. We must take those lessons and ensure we do not make those mistakes and if we have already done so let us find out what will get us out of it. God has a plan for your life and it doesn’t simply change but it takes you and you having the right thinking and focus to be able to step into those of God.
We encourage you today with this teaching by brother Todd Kohler who speaks of the process that went towards Gideon’s victory which will encourage you to get out of bondage. Stay blessed!

There is a once and for all decision that every Christian has to make which is, will he or she be decided by God, His word and His promises alone. Needless to say this decision gets challenged by every situation or moment we go through in a day. There is no option to this nor is there an excuse no matter how strong that can give us a leeway from this. Jesus is surely coming back to His people but when He comes will we have the boldness in front of Him? Will we be able to present to Him any of the excuses or putting off we hold for ourselves now from living this life solely by His word? No, we will not even be able to speak let alone be able to explain. It will be quite clear to us if we have indeed lived according to His word or not. Love for Jesus is judged by us keeping His words and that is what He is going to see. If it wont be possible on that day let us not buy ourselves time we do not have to live in reasonings that seem right to us now but are not according to His word or live in anything other than in His word. It is not worth it. We encourage you with this song by bethel worship as you reflect upon your life.

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