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A woman was never made to fulfill any need of man or be needed by him or even to live expended for a man. She was made for the fullness of God to be loved by God through the man filled with God in the covenant. She is not just another lump of clay that God brought out of Adam for his need. That is wrong teaching in the church that has been going on. Listen to pastor Dan Mohler explain this truth in great detail. Be blessed!

Walking in faith works best when we do not switch off our faith which we do several times in the day usually. But are we not glad that God’s promises and His word once said remain forever and they go fulfill what He released them for ? If we represent Him and are made in His image we should be lacking in no place. Promises of God evoke walking in faith continuously. Walking in faith displays the legitimacy and never failing aspects of God’s word. Enjoy this beautiful song while you ponder upon that for a while.

Let these words be your living reality friends:

All I know is, all I have is, all I know is You
All my hope is, all my trust is, all my hope is in You
You’re good, so good
Your love never runs out ,
Your love never runs
All my hope is
All my trust is
All my hope is in You

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