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God loves to redeem us and what happened in the past. Watch what Todd white shares about the heart of God for the people of Europe. A great awakening for EUrope is on its way, friends. Praise God!

Here is 30 mins of nonstop instrumental worship that you can enjoy while you go to seek God Almighty and commune with Him. Be blessed!

I want to be close to you. Lord, tear down my defenses.
Lord come right into my heart, I reserve nothing for my own.
You have consumed me, I couldn’t run away even if I wanted to.
I go to the mountains and You are there. I try to hide in darkness, even there Your light finds me.
Everywhere I go, You’re already there.. waiting for me, and loving me.
I am Yours and You are mine, ant that’s the way it will be for eternity.
I am Yours and You are mine, You’ve captured me, I’ve touched the hem of Your garment.

I’ve had my eye on you from the day I formed you, fashioned you within your mothers womb,
I’ve had you in my gaze. I would never, never give you a place to go that would be out of My sight.
You’re My delight and I always, always want you in My gaze.
There’s no reason for you to hide from Me because I’m here to set you free!
Free from condemnation, free from the lies of the enemy.
As he comes to mock you and to taunt you, I’m here to set you free, I’m here for you!
I love you! I love you with a perfect love and I cast down all fear in you.

I’m running to You Father, I’m running into Your arms,
I’ve locked gazes with Your eyes, I found my home, I’ll never leave this place!
I’ve returned, I’ve returned, I’ve returned to Your heart!
My heart has found it’s resting place… in You alone.

Rest in Me and draw closer. I’m jealous over you, oh so jealous over you,
and I want all of you not just part of you.
I want you to rest in Me, but I want to make you My habitation.
Hovering all around you, hovering over you, hovering day an night, night and day.
As a ring of fire I surround you day and night, night and day.
Oh forever, day and night, night and day. Seeking you never taking rest, seeking you night and day.

Just so you know, I wouldn’t put this craving for Myself in you if I didn’t plan to satisfy it.
So yes, you’re right to seek Me with all your heart.
and all you’re mind and all your soul and all your being, you’re right to run after Me!
I will give you all that you desire, you’re the one who decides just how close!
You’re the one who decides just how close you get to Me, it’s up to you, it’s up to you.
My prayer is that we are one, we are one, we are one, do you know what that means?
We are one, we are one!

Oh a love like this who can describe? A love like this, a love like this, who can survive?
Your love is stronger than death, Your love is stronger than death, our love will last for all eternity!
You in me and I in You! You in me and I in You! You and me and I in You, forever!

You in me and I in You! You in me and I in You! You and me and I in You, forever!

That’s the idea.. I want to invade your very being, I want to rush in,
I want My voice to reverberate inside you, shaking you to the very core,
with My love for you rearranging all your thoughts,
until they line up with My thoughts over you.

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