We do not fully understand God’s love and usually only understand it as far as it being unconditional but never really know it. Pastor Dan in this sermon shares about a married couple where animosity and daily rut of life took over their marriage and the wife fell in love with another man on the Internet chat. The husband has no clue but soon enough she presents divorce papers to him and leaves him with their two small children. This man kept crying for 5 days saying to God, “why did You let this happen to me?”, “God where were You?” and God shows up in his room and tells him to stop crying and tells him he doesn’t have a problem. He gets mad at God and asks ” How can You say I do not have a problem, I have divorce papers in my hands, I have 2 small children and my wife is in the arms of another man?”. God responds, ” How is it that 5 days pass by and you have only cried for yourself and not shed a tear for your wife who is utter deception?”

Friends, when we make our lives about ourselves, we better be ready to handle what God would ask us in response to the “questions” and accusations we have for Him. How is it love when we only know to cry for ourselves and never see the disposition of the others who do things they do due to lack of relationship with God, lack of understanding and when they fall in deception of the enemy or the bondage of living for self ? The question to ask is would they ever do that if they were filled by His Spirit? So how is it so easy to never see how much they are missing out of God and how much they have strayed away from the path of life, purpose and their destiny ? Why do we first cry for ourselves or even cry for ourselves ?

This is the reality our God lives in. Everyday how many times do we have opportunities to look away from heart of God, forgetting who He is and who He is through us ? And how much are we in love with Him to stay locked in with His gaze and not give any room for the stranger’s voice ? The fact is the more we understand the depth of God’s love for us we first see that shaping in us for Him and then it will begin to flow out of us to other people. The key in this all is denying oneself and staying in the truth. The depth of God’s love is in this that He never cries for Himself because He doesn’t have our affections, He grieves when we do not understand and give ourselves to less than what He has made us.

We certainly do not have to go through these kinds of drastic situations for us to be shaped in this reality of God, but when such a revelation is presented to us by God we must make haste to make it our own revelation of who He is. Its a torturous and a very lonely road to be on when one lives for themselves. Selah

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