Struggling with up one day and down the other day? This post is to encourage believers of Christ Jesus that having a stable life in Him is possible every day. The word of God clearly tells us in James 1:8 that a double minded person is unstable in all his ways. In other words it also tells us that a single minded person is stable is all his ways. The bible focuses on single mindedness as the solution towards stability in life. Lets look at this in detail.

Everyday consistency in life with God matters. If we suddenly decide to do something else than what we planned because of whatever justified reason at the moment it won’t work. Taking hasty decisions has never worked for anyone to grow in God. For instance, if we have decided to focus on building relationship with God and for doing so we decide to wake up early and seek His face. If for first 2 days we do it but the end of the second day because of some delay in closing the day we end up being tired to wake up the third day, we are faced with either continuing the decision we made earlier or to take up what the reason at hand to change our original decision. Lets say we decide to sleep a bit more and not stick to original decision made, we will notice that as the day goes by we will have let leniency dictate our other decisions of the day. Slowly we will find ourselves not sticking to our decision even the fourth, fifth or the sixth day. Surely we will have reminder in our minds to get back to what we decided but we will let some other reason become bigger to enable us from not going back to what we decided originally. Sounds familiar ? When this behavior or let’s say compromise is enabled in other areas of our lives where we have indeed taken a decision of know the truth it escalates into being a lifestyle. But if we analyse closely it all begins with sticking to our well thought out and arrived to decision. Everyday consistency of decided resolutions is therefore so very important.It is respecting oneself to follow through decisions made.

One of the greatest gifts given to man is ability to self govern. It is so easy and empowering to govern oneself if we say yes to yes and no to no. It all starts with the mind. The strength is found in the mind. Bible tells us that as new creation people we have been given sound mind and the mind of Christ. This means that as far as any weakness is concerned which could have resulted out of the fall of man has been completely taken away. Therefore the only thing that can stop us from exercising the strength of mind given to us is if we believe we cannot or believe we are still weak. If it is so easy to get up and get food because we are hungry then it tells us that our minds do have the strength we need. God has given us the ability to take charge of the day , to take charge of our lives and to move our lives forward in Him. If we indeed make our eye single to things we want in God it is possible to be stable. When we establish lifestyles where we keep repeating our decisions everyday we are displaying single mindedness.

One of the secrets in God’s word in clearly written in James 1:8. It is not God who is wanting to withhold His promises to us but rather it is us who are not single minded in what we believe about Him or the situation that makes us divided so much that we cannot receive from Him. When waiting for God’s promises we say one day “yes according to God’s will let this happen in my life” and fifth day because we see no significant change we start questioning if we did the right thing or did we pray the right way or why a person so and so did not respond according to our prayers, then we have become double minded. And in such a state of mind even when God wants to place blessings in our hands we will not be able to receive them cause one day we think it is possible and the other day we think its not. So where then should God place His gifts ? We must choose therefore if we want to believe or not believe. Once we have chosen we must stick to our decision regardless of how long it takes. A lot is mainly dependent on whether we are single minded or not. And this applicable in any area of our lives. Remember this dear friends, if our eye is indeed single we will see things in our lives go a certain way that will manifest what we believe. But if we waver then the situations that will turn out will also waver. If we want to see transformation in our own lives or want to grow closer to God we must be decided about it and not waver. Let us be single minded and in doing so we will find our ways also become stable.

God has given us Jesus, Holy Spirit and His unshakable Kingdom. But if we are double minded even about this what we have received from Him, then we will not be able to receive what He has for us. We will not be able to truly see Jesus and know, or to truly walk with Holy Spirit or even be able to experience this great Kingdom of God. The solution is very simple, after seeing the truth or making a decision, let us be SINGLE MINDED to follow through till the end.

Here is a song of encouragement and a prayer to God asking for an undivided heart. Be blessed!

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