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There is a once and for all decision that every Christian has to make which is, will he or she be decided by God, His word and His promises alone. Needless to say this decision gets challenged by every situation or moment we go through in a day. There is no option to this nor is there an excuse no matter how strong that can give us a leeway from this. Jesus is surely coming back to His people but when He comes will we have the boldness in front of Him? Will we be able to present to Him any of the excuses or putting off we hold for ourselves now from living this life solely by His word? No, we will not even be able to speak let alone be able to explain. It will be quite clear to us if we have indeed lived according to His word or not. Love for Jesus is judged by us keeping His words and that is what He is going to see. If it wont be possible on that day let us not buy ourselves time we do not have to live in reasonings that seem right to us now but are not according to His word or live in anything other than in His word. It is not worth it. We encourage you with this song by bethel worship as you reflect upon your life.

Jesus never came for religion, He came for relationship as that was what God created from the beginning. When we have that intimacy with Jesus in the relationship He calls us for having faith and doing everything through it is automatic. It does however take a complete shut down for Him alone to know how He thinks about any given area of life as the answers for life are all in Him. The only reason we get out of faith is because we get distracted by whatever else that is not faith in God for His promises. We encourage you to listen to this teaching by brother Todd Kohler who expands on this topic of faith and also shares a vision of being inside God’s box so big that all it had on it walls were His promises. Enjoy!

The world we live in has one trait that is characteristic about it and that is change. Governments rise and fall, markets boom and burst, wealth keeps exchanging hands faster than one can spell wealth, situations we find ourselves in can be quite volatile and lastly people we have in our lives can changes their minds at any time. These are the consequences of a fallen world that once lost its flow it was created for mainly because man lost that connection with God. But because of Jesus and His work through the Cross we now have been ushered into a Kingdom that is very contrasting to this world we live in. Only the ones who are born again by The Spirit can even experience this Kingdom. The characteristic of the Kingdom however is that it is unshakeable. This is the gift of Jesus. The main question this post wants to leave to the reader is that if such a Kingdom is unshakeable then how should the citizen of such a Kingdom be? As a christian we cannot reflect the variability of the world we live in but rather reflect the unshakeability of the Kingdom we are part of.

Here is a blast from the past worship song by Hillsong that you can enjoy as you ponder upon this question:

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