knowing the holy spirit

Ever wondered why Holy Spirit wanted us to know His ways? Think about it when you know someone well, you know how that person will act in any given situation. One thing you definitely do is move along with that person. Let’s take marriage as an example. When the couple know each other well there is ease, trust and effective working with each other. They both together can change the world.

Now let us apply this principle to our starting question. One can fully agree that Holy Spirit would never have any problem in working with us when the bible tells us we are God’s fellow workers (1 Cor 3:9). To top this point up, one might also note that it was God’s idea to put Himself in us in the first place.

But how come we don’t really see that effective working that can result from co-laboring with God of hosts. The answer is pretty obvious isn’t? Us and how we think about our God.

Imagine something with me. If we, in whom the resurrection power Himself lives, were to come to a place of fullness in Christ(Eph 4:13), where we trust Him inspite of all odds, where we feel so much at ease with Him, what do you think that would result into?

Let’s ponder on that for a while. Imagine all the possibilities you can. Stretch out your imagination as far as you can in accordance to His nature and character and you will see impossible acts and yet possible because of Him. Eph 3:20-21

So, here we are dealing with the following issues:

1) A God who actually wants to use us and work with us. I mean GOD, the Great I AM!
2) Imagine God whose “words” spoke creation into existence, wants us to know His ways
3) This same God presents a destiny more sparkling than we can imagine, and what do we do with it? He calls us to trust Him and what does He get in return?
4) This God created us with His purpose and destiny; He equated our value with His Son’s blood, and in turn gets our puny arrogance that is too good to trust Him.
5) We establish our own dreams and goals to accomplish which may last a few generations and then will be forgotten anyhow. But look at this God, anything we ever do for Him, He holds it forever. It has eternal value.
6) God Almighty never engages Himself in anything ordinary and He chose to engage Himself in you. Says something about His ways, huh?
7) God who is wisdom Himself who has the knowledge everything, because He made it all, gets people who think themselves small. Speaks volumes about His patience and longsuffering huh? Time and again, this is the reason the scripture says you can do it because you have Him on your side.

Let’s take some examples to see this. Abraham has entered the books of eternity, the moment he responded to God. He even ended up being a partaker of the covenant between God the Father and God the Son. What about the apostles in the book of acts? The book mentions they turned the world upside down.

This partnership with the King of kings is an invitation that is extended to all of us. One aspect is for sure: It is not going to be ordinary. Dare to plunge into this?

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