Faithful steward in man’s understanding may mean being loyal, trustworthy, consistent, or even dependable but in God’s eyes it actually means: multiplication. Listen to John Bevere who shares how God actually views stewardship. Our God is in the business of getting things done because of which He first changes who we are so that what He has made us to be can finally. The very first mandate of God to man and woman was : Be fruitful and multiply. Why would such a God change His mind now? The main point is that He made us to be productive so that we would multiply everything in our hands. After all we have been made in the image of God isn’t it? Why would He make us so if He Himself isn’t that way ? That is why if we are finding ourselves idle or without a purpose and focus in anything we do in our lives we must really stop and ask the right questions. We have to ask that if we have been made productive and with the ability to multiply then why is it that we see idleness or lack of focus or direction or even lack of motivation for the things we start so excitedly in the beginning? And for those who are indeed busy with their lives they must ask themselves if what they are multiplying and how they are doing it is the same picture God also holds for it. We cannot be self willed in stewarding what God has placed in our hands. So these are some questions and facts that we can consider for ourselves. Enjoy the sermon!

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