Hey ladies, today this post for you all! Always admired the proverbs 31 woman but felt never could live upto it ? The point is to understand what God actually meant when He was inspiring King’s mother to charge him with the instruction which makes proverbs 31. It is a charge from a mother to her son where he is instructed on how to be a king and what kind of a woman would make his queen. This teaching by Dr. Frank Seekins is a detailed study of the hebrew meaning and context of this chapter that women so love. Women have always been taught that proverbs 31 is about a good woman but the context of such a women has always been represented as weak. But the context of the virtuous in hebrew is actually mighty. God never intended women to be weak, good and in one corner taking care of the household. He has much more than that. You are encouraged to go through this teaching as it is just simply so enlightening!

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