The Bible is always against unbelief. The Christian walk is about faith in God and Obedience without question. In obedience without question, when God says you are this, you just say, Yes lord, I am. If God says you are healthy, you don’t look at your sick body and say, but my body is sick. You have to believe what God says before it manifests in your life. The miracle that will happen in your life is the miracle you chose to believe. So what then is unbelief and neglect of prayer? Here are a few examples of the two.
Recall the instances in which you have virtually charged the God of truth with lying, by your unbelief of His express promises and declarations. God has promised to give the Holy Spirit to them that ask Him. Now, have you believed this? Have you expected Him to answer? Have you not virtually said in your hearts, when you prayed for the Holy Spirit: “I do not believe that I shall receive?” If you have not believed nor expected to receive the blessing which God has expressly promised, you have charged Him with lying. Even you may have prayed for something and right after praying, a friend asks about the very same thing you prayed about and you begin by saying, well I think it will be fine or I don’t really know what is going to happen. All this is unbelief.
Neglect of prayer. 
Think of the times when you have neglected secret prayer, family prayer, and prayer meetings; or have prayed in such a way as more grievously to offend God than to have omitted it altogether. Who you are in secret in your prayer life will always show in public. It always amazes me when Christians are told to pray and they begin to mumble and fumble or are just too shy to speak. Learn to pray in your secret place and it will never be a problem when you pray in public.
Unbelief and neglect of prayer is destroying the body of Christ today. We need to begin the change right now and not wait till another time.

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