Hey friend, have you accepted Jesus as Lord of your life and Savior ? Have you accepted that He died for you and resurrected from the dead ? Good then the moment you accepted Him as the Lord you got born again by the Spirit. He came with all that He is to live inside of you whereby now it is no longer you that lives but Christ who lives in you. You have now become one spirit with the Lord by the residency of the Holy Spirit. Isn’t it ? Then at what point does the truth stop being the truth ? The answer is never. The fact of the matter is He is in you and He has never moved from His place, but if you feel like He is far away, the question is who really has moved ? Friend, this is why the Lord says in His word that we are to draw close to Him and He will draw close to us. That feeling you keep having that He is far away is a false feeling. We were never meant to live by feelings as they are deceptive. We have been called to live by faith. Where we place our faith is in the fact that He is in us, wants to speak to us way more than we even want to speak to Him. It is a faith aspect and not a feeling aspect. So know here on forward that that is a lie. His promise is He will never leave you nor forsake you. Acknowledge Him and His closeness with you as you worship with this song. Be blessed!

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