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Baptism of fire was the promise of Jesus. Check out this sermon to understand what He meant and how to get it for yourself.

The God in you is greater than legions of devils inside another person, therefore stop for that one person who needs Jesus and love him or her. Watch this powerful testimony by Todd White and understand this is what God is calling out from within us, to rise up and really love. Be the Church of Jesus Christ !

If you know the testimony of Todd White how he came to Christ, you will see from this video that his life is becoming a great legacy that will give glory to God’s name for eternity. We Christians here already witness his life on earth. He will only wax stronger and stronger and will do greater exploits for God. God has turned him into unstoppable force because of His love for him and his yieldedness to God, because he gave himself fully in to God and never took himself back. Why am i saying all this ? Simply to say that this one life is what your life is supposed to look like. We are all called to have a life that Jesus lived here on earth. And if anyone was to make a video of what the life of follower of Christ looks like, it would look a bit like Todd’s. Come on brothers and sisters get inspired to give your all in to God because you get to live a life of legacy where God can flow through to you to everyone around you.

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