There are so many Christians who think they are miserable now and have issues in receiving the love of Heavenly Father because their earthly fathers weren’t around or did not father them as they should have. They even say their fathers did not assure them of who they were. Some even say they cannot trust anyone because their fathers left them when they were growing up. But the question to ask really in that case is : how does that really matter when Jesus already made a direct way to the Father? Isn’t it simple that anyone in Christ can have a direct relationship with Heavenly Father ? Or does the word ever say our earthly fathers are to make that access to our Heavenly Father ? Not at all. Even the earthly fathers are to point you to Christ. Brothers and sisters if you have found yourselves to be operating under this mindset then its time to let it go because it makes you hold onto a false safety net and lets you say to yourself that you are like this because of so and so. It makes you hold onto reasons so that you do not approach your heavenly Father with all boldness. It makes you put the blame on someone else and thereby reinforces the effect of fall in you. This is why truth is so important in our lives. Let every reason you hold onto which gives you a reason to not grow in Him, crumble and be destroyed.

The good news is in your secret place with the Father you get shaped and transformed, in that secret place you get to know Him. If you go into that secret place with Him and abide in Him , you can then finally be like Him. The awesome part is that relationship between you and Him is just for you both 🙂 Let Him father you. There is no other way and do not even bother looking for one as the truth is simple but working your way around this is complicated. Listen to Todd White as he unwraps this truth and exposes strongholds we often hold onto. Be blessed!

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