There are so many Christians who see God for who He is and then as life goes on let lies come in between them and God and end up blaming God for everything else in their lives, not realizing that God is pure goodness. The reasons can be many, it could be the death of a loved one, it could be suffering of weak ones that is visible around them and they end up blaming God and say how can a good God allow all this . There is so much out there said about God but He is so badly represented by Christians. How can a good God who loved the world so much that He gave His only Son be anything but life, light, love and GOOD ? We must not forget that there are strategies of the enemy played against us Christians that want to turn us against our only Loving Father in Heaven and it is not cool to go believing lies of the enemy. We cannot afford to be angry or away from the Only One who truly loves us and live our lives thinking there is some darkness in Him. Why should we give into such lies friends? Is it worth it ? Why don’t we focus on knowing who He is than let life , people who do not know Him and the enemy tell us who He is ? Why don’t we let His word speak louder to us than anything else? Listen to Todd White in this preaching address this with passion and watch how God breaks strongholds in our minds. If you have been angry at God then this one is for you. Please be encouraged to listen to this.

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