Even if we were to understand the love between Jesus and His bride in the context of love between a husband and his wife in the way we know it so far, we would do so much injustice to it. In reality the love between husband and his wife ought to be defined by love between Jesus and His Bride, the Church. This love is unspeakable and so intimate that only when one is deeply yearning for His love for His depth only then this can be accessed. But His invitation is always waiting as His desire and will is always to take you deep into Him.The simple step towards is just accepting His invitation ” Come away with me”. When one is in such a place and has tasted Him and His word they long for even more, it is just never enough to BE with Him. They always stay tuned to what He would say to them. It is a communion that takes place in the depth of who He is. The more you are with Him , the more you want to be with Him. Just leave all that weight, burden and fears behind and go be with Him. This post is to encourage you to step into that intimate place with Him. Do not let how your life and experiences have been going to determine how much you will seek Him. Hush those voices and just tune in to the sweetest, life giving and most powerful voice ever: the voice of the Bridegroom Jesus Christ, the Anointed One.

Throughout the bible, the language of this Bridegroom has been plastered, you can find it anywhere, His love, His desire towards His Church. As you step into this intimate place with Him, His Spirit will remind you of His words

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