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What is the key to knowing God intimately?


If you have been born again then you have already been joined to God in the spirit (1 Corinthians 6: 17). That was an instant reality we were translated into directly by God. It is something He did Himself by His good pleasure. He always wanted to live in man and be joined to him as One. The bible reveals this to us in many places and one of them is in Colossians 1:27 stating Christ in us is the hope of glory. When God made Adam he was flowing in oneness with God according to His image. Adam was naming animals and tending to the garden flowing one with God. This was all he knew before sin resulting into fall of Adam happened. When God gave Adam the commandment to be fruitful and multiply, subdue and have dominion over the works of God’s hand then it is clear that when man is in oneness with God he is able to fulfill this commandment. On the other hand, if man is not in oneness with God he cannot live up to the full essence of God’s commandment. This emphasis is on the fact that man was always made to flow out of the oneness he has with God, God in man and man in God. The entire new testament opens us this dimension to us.


What many Christians need to understand is that the key to knowing God intimately is already embracing the fact that we are united to Him. We are not to try to become one with Him in the spirit. One of the main principles of Kingdom of God is that the spiritual governs the physical. The spiritual truth of God’s word is supposed to be made manifest in our lives. This is the proper order in the spirit. Therefore, the reality of oneness in the spirit with God has to be brought into our soul realm whereby our bodies will function in accordance to that. Imagine God and you having the same thoughts and same plans and purposes. The beauty of what God has done by making us one with Him is that He made sure that we will always have a dimension to operate from which is as brilliant and wondrous as Him. How can we say this? Because we are made in God’s image. If God creates only wondrous things we are to also create in the same manner with the same attitude and actions.


How to start operating in oneness with God?

  1. The key to operating in oneness with God mainly lies in recognition and embracing of this reality that God has grated us into.
  2. The next step is making God’s thoughts expressed in God’s word as our own thoughts.
  3. Once we think like God the next step is to act like Him. For example God calls things into existence that are not.
  4. Cleaving to God and staying with our minds on Him.
  5. Growing out of the “God is there to look after me” attitude and into “Bride of Christ”. We can learn this from a marriage covenant. A wife knows her husband so well that in his absence she is able to do things exactly the way he would. This is a place of real intimacy and when we know God that well then we will be able to speak on His behalf and it will be as though He spoke it. We have been invited into the deepest dimension possible with God with His Spirit inside of us but this requires us to grow out of child like attitudes that relate to God only in terms of a prayer request list of what He is supposed to do for us or the promises He is supposed to fulfill in our lives.


We pray that you are able to step into the fullness of God’s invitation to you to operate with Him in this realm.

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