This is where Jesus drastically differs from all of us who have not understood this perspective. He came into this world which was full of problems and caused every situation to abound with glory for God. His language also was very different. He was so busy manifesting the oneness He enjoyed with His Father that He never saw problems as something to worry about. When His disciples wondered how they would feed the people who followed Jesus, He simply multiplied the food. When He came He brought the Kingdom of God with Him. The way the Kingdom of God operates may seem so very different than what we physically see all around us, but that is the real deal. We truly have been called to operate by living from heaven on earth just like Jesus and even more than Him because we have His indwelling presence inside of us at all times, precious Holy Spirit. Not many really know how to walk in this revelation reality but some children of God like brother Graham Cooke know how to make it practical for us. Have a listen! This truly is a call to a higher place but is our home.

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