Dear friends in Christ, it was God’s idea that man have the dominion over His works and His creation. It was God’s good pleasure to give us His Kingdom. Man did not come up with this idea or even the idea of making himself. If our Maker makes us and puts us in a certain manner to live in this world should we not then rather live in that free place He has given to us? He has already redeemed our position in Christ by restoring us back to Himself. In Him we have indeed become new creation. But should we allow what we have learnt from this world the traditions and mindsets to hold us back from truly living our potential in Christ? This is much more than having authority in Christ or having the faith of Christ, friends. This is about accepting and embracing our sonship in Him. If we do not see beyond what our physical worldly context allows us to see we will keep remaining in the constraints we were never made for. Let all the fish bowls break in your life! Break free from the mindsets that held you back from living in truth.

We must see beyond our human capacities and learn to step into our new creation realities friends! Stay tuned for upcoming posts which will help us find out how we can do that so that we are able to step into our real way of life. Let us not be held back!

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