Every gift Jesus gave to His Bride the Church is exquisite and exceptional. No matter which gift of Jesus we unwrap each one seems as if one can spend an entire lifetime exploring the beauty and essence to that gift. One of such gifts, the reality of which we see instantly is His family we get to be part of. This is unlike any family system we have experienced in this world. This is a family that is primarily made up of Heavenly Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit, whose love, union and fellowship is what we enter into. Jesus takes us into this a relationship with His Father. And because of Him we get new brothers and sisters who are equal co-heirs with Him. Holy Spirit actually connects us all together. If we ever step into the reality and momentum of this family connection we will see how an entire spiritual ecosystem exists thriving all because of the Holy Spirit. Ephesians 6 encourages us believers to constantly offer up prayers for the saints. In fact, when we are tapped into His heart as a lifestyle, we will see His thoughts passing through our minds which may seem too random if we are not careful but He rather means them as reminder points to pray for a brother or sister in need or who is in a struggle. In this place of oneness with Him when we pray in tongues and receive the interpretation we will realize how intercession is taking place from the Holy Spirit. There is a spiritual and a very tangible reality to this family engagement. If everyone of us was truly operating in oneness with Him, what we would see upon this earth will be an army that our Heavenly Father always prophesied about through the prophets of old.

In this family we have immense diversity and variety that is beautiful and apt in its own place. It is something like a real human body where each part, cell or organ operates in its own functioning and capacity and does what the will of the Lord. If we ever feel as if we are alone, it’s a blatant lie of the moment because spiritually we are connected to a family that is knit together in love. If we do not see the reality of this family in our circles for whatever reason we must shift gears so that this reality of family in Christ becomes more real. How we do this is very simple: start talking about Father and His wondrous works, acknowledge truth and lift it above anything else, making sure that we do not look at ourselves or the people but rather purely at Him and His goodness. This positioning of oneself alone will transcend us to the reality of the family of Christ. Unity of the faith is simply founded on Him and when we stop looking at ourselves and instead look at Jesus there is that unification that can settle in. Try it out next time and see how it shifts you and the people into this reality of His family. Truth be told this reality of family in Christ is always there but we need to be willing to step into it and live as a family.

We know that many times due to whatever reason we see friendships in Christ fall apart. And truth be told the underlying reason is also a self centered one. No one can separate over an issue that concerns the glory of God or to uphold His great name in alignment with the word of God. It just is not possible. If we are following the same Spirit, He will never divide us. The most that can happen is that Holy Spirit can give the two people a different focus or function but He will never cause division. If we consider the example of Paul and Barnabas, as far as the Holy Spirit was concerned He called them both together for the purpose He set out before them. But along the way the disagreement happened between the two men of God and all along the Holy Spirit never changed His mind from the original order, and He was not consulted in this matter either. Thousands of godly friendships fall apart because of fleshly perspectives and self seeking at some level. But as far as Holy Spirit is concerned He is the Spirit of unity. Therefore, this reality of the household of God is a the truth to experience and live in but can only be done so when stepped into. To achieve this reality, self must be put off, denied and Jesus and His glory must be lifted high. Friends, if you find yourselves to be the one who has taken distance from the godly friendships accept the facts and the motives which made you do that, work with the Holy Spirit to accept the truth and follow His instructions. If you find yourself to be the person who was upholding Jesus and His name but your friend decided not to, wait and be loyal to that friendship just as Jesus would. But in no situation let us justify any reason for not seeing this reality of family of Christ with the people we are currently with. Remember this friends, if it won’t matter in heaven it doesn’t matter now either. We encourage you all to make this truth of the household of God an experiential reality for the Body of Christ as a whole. Let us make this desire of Jesus our Beloved a reality. How else will the world know Jesus came if we do not love one another?

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