Many Christians do not fully understand what they have been given in Jesus else their lives would reflect the fullness of Him they have inside of Him. 2 Peter tells us that He have given us all things necessary for life and godliness. Colossians 2:10 tells us that we have been brought to the state of fullness of Him. We have not been half filled, we are complete in Him. When we have such a reality in front and yet if we do not see the manifestation or the proof of it what then is really wrong? As far as God is concerned He has done all that He could do in and through Jesus. And He has commanded us to renew our minds and fill ourselves with the word of Christ abundantly. Friends, can you imagine what it would look like if our minds were fully renewed to the truth we have been brought into and if we will be filled with the word of Christ inside us, thinking like Him, talking like Him, behaving exactly like Him?

When we have come into such a dimension of living in Jesus we surely have been filled with the advanced experiential knowledge of His will. Can you imagine knowing the will of God for any situation and exactly pinpointing where His heart is for a person or a matter? This is how we can operate in Him. This is how we can know how to respond in any given situation. However, this dimension doesn’t come without settling some truths in our heart. We have to settle in our hearts what the truth of our lives is and why we are alive. We have to settle in our hearts that we are living for the Faith and no matter what comes to distract or stop us we must move forward in Him. We must settle in our hearts that we have died and now are alive in Jesus that whenever He is manifested through our lives that is when we appear. We must settle in our hearts to position ourselves and dive deep into this union we have with Him. When these aspects are in place in our lives we will arrive to an unshakable position in life which will give us that stability needed to respond like Him in life.

This is not a distant wish for us to one day have. This can be a reality for us right now. God sure has made that way so what stops us from diving deep into what He has for us? Friends, there is one sadness as Christians we will surely not want to have, the sadness that will result out of knowing all the things God made available for us in Jesus and we did not even show willingness to step into them. Let us keep that in mind and whatever it may be that is holding us back from stepping into our inheritance and this gift of Jesus is absolutely not worth holding onto because of the great reward there is in pursuing this.

Friends, in all your getting get understanding!

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