Sometimes as Christians as we walk through life we think that is a sin to have a weakness. So most of us hide under the fox in sheep clothing sort of thing. But without criticizing our weaknesses let us look at some important things why our weaknesses are not that bad but God. And God uses those weaknesses for his own glory.

What are the benefits of weaknesses in our lives?
1. It creates a dependence upon God.
Without our weaknesses we would not depend on God. The question that always arises from this issue is when people say, why do I need God when I have everything I need.

2. It prevent pride. It acts as a governor on your life.
Pride is something that God hates. Without any weakness we puff ourselves with pride. It is one of the qualities in life that any person can easily find him or herself in.

3. It causes a greater dependence upon other people. I depend upon my staff. I depend upon my wife and close friends. We in one way or the other depend on other people. We need each other. We really do. If you haven’t figured that out yet, I hate to think what’s going to come in your life. God’s going to teach you that lesson one way or the other. We really do need each other.

4. It expands out capacity to minister to othes. Weaknesses, rather than limiting our lives, expand our capacity to minister. 2 Corinthians 1:4 “God comfort us in our troubles so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.” If you’re going to have a Christlike ministry, it means that sometimes other people are going to find healing in the wounds that are in your life. Who can better help an alcoholic than someone who is a former alcoholic? Who can better help a childless couple than a childless couple? Who can better help than the person who’s been there? I believe that our greatest life messages come out of our deepest hurts. If you’ve never struggled with any weaknesses, my guess is that you are not living. Let us learn to acknowledge our weakness but still be focused on God.

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