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Jesus prayed to Father in heaven before getting betrayed and arrested,  that eternal life is knowing God and Himself whom Father sent. You see we were never made to be anything other than worshipers of God as the ones who truly know Him. When we are flowing in what we are, we will have life, life forever. Jesus even though a Son of God modeled a life of worship to God. We are the most alive when we worship Him. When all is said and done and we do indeed see our King Jesus in His full glory we will fully know what an honor we have had while living on earth. This is a small window of time in the eternity that we get to live worthy of Him, something that will also speak for eternity. Do we not want to leave a fully lived life in Him that will honor Him for eternity? When we constantly worship Him with our lives, thoughts, mind and actions we will never find ourselves leaning towards something out of balance. This is your key to knowing God, friends, that we realize how much of an honor and privilege we have received to be able to know this Great One. Let the realization of this reality usher you into a deeper dimension in Him.

What an honor to love God!

We pray you would enjoy a deeper walk in Him.
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