When it seems as if answers are delayed from God or when situations do not resolve the way God promised to us, we can go to a place of “but why?”, “why not?”, “why God?”,”do you not care God?”,”this is enough”, “i had it” etc. It leads us then to a place of frustration, worry, doubt, questions, confusion and even “i don’t care” attitude. But before we come to this place, God would’ve already shown us something for future, promised us, directed us in the place He wanted us to be in. When we received that we would’ve immediately believed it and acted on it by faith. As the time goes by, we begin to loose that firm grip on His promises, we begin to get discouraged by the delays, we begin to let doubt slip in. We stop to move forward by faith when situation does not align as we believed. This snippet of the song reveals what many of us struggle with as we walk this life of faith :

“I’ve got something to say
Right now it feels like You are slipping away
Like I am drowning in a crisis of faith
Like I’m alone”

“And faith might mean there won’t be answers
And hope might mean enduring through the night
But help me not forget in darkness
The things that I believed in light”

But why come to this place in the first place? Or when we find ourselves here why keep ourselves here? So here is some encouragement to all brothers and sisters:

1)Immediately, at once, turn your attention to Father in Heaven: Open your mouth and tell Him how you are one with Him, acknowledge that He lives in you and what an honor it is to house the very King of kings. Begin to remind yourselves of the love for God. As Jude 21 says ” Keep yourselves in love of God”

2)Remind yourselves of all the promises that God gave you: Meditate on His promises. Understand that whatever He spoke or revealed to you is exactly what He desires for you. Understand those promises in the light of His will and not analyze according to how the situations are going. If we examine His promises in the light of how life is going how will we ever move beyond them and go to where Father is taking us ? Are we not then narrowing the vision of God for our lives? His will for your life is to do you good and to align you according how He sees you: Jesus. Did Jesus not teach us to pray : Let Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven ? Let the reminder of His promises change our mindsets according to Heaven. We are citizens of heaven after all.

3)As we focus on how He sees things faith will start to arise. He has already blessed us with faith. That is how we are now built as new creation people. Infact the seriousness of this is to such an extent that God’s word says : Whatever is not of faith is sin. Think about that!

4)Faith will make us move forward in the stewardship of everything God gave us responsibility over. Just believing would never suffice, we need to move forward. Why hold on to doubt or questions? Drop that weight which makes us slow in running the race of faith. Run therefore with endurance.

5) As we keep moving in faith and in intimacy with Father, situations will align according His will in heaven. We will see the results. We will see the fruit of faith in Him. Through it all, we would’ve grown to look more like Jesus. But should we hold onto our mindsets that do not align according to Father’s, we shall only delay the results and alignment that both Father and we want to see.

So body of Christ, rise up , take your positions in Christ with the knowledge of who you are really, begin to see what priceless treasure we have inside of us. We have been already equipped to go through these circumstances and situations that build faith in us by the empowerment Christ deposited in us already. Above all, love God for who He is and express it to Him. Enjoy the walk with your Father. Bless you 🙂

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