We often notice that a little encouragement boosts a person up. But do you realize that when we encourage someone or are encouraged in the things pertaining to the flesh they/we get puffed up and start feeling superior to others? The biblical way of encouragement edifies the person by putting oneself below the other person. Biblical encouragement boosts up the person in spiritual aspects which are of eternal value and helps the person to set their minds of heavenly things. That’s true encouragement. If you think you are encouraging your child in his or her studies in comparison to other kids then in time to come you are making him or her competitive and prideful because you have fostered the self in the first place. Instead encourage the zeal and consistency that your child is putting in his or her studies which show the excellency that exists in Christ. In other words if your encouragement is not in the context of Christ it wont really produce life in the long run. So encourage someone with real encouragement today even if that’s you.

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