Dear friends, if you believe in Jesus and have been born again by the Spirit then the priestly prayer of John 17:1-26 He prayed before going on the Cross for His sacrifice included you. Jesus poured out His precious holy blood for you. His blood speaks on behalf of you every time in front of God’s mercy seat. In His prayer He prayed that we might be one just as He and Father are one and that we might be in Him. His prayer was that into this oneness between Him and His Father we might be brought in be in a state of completeness and keep being in it. Father loves us just as He loved Jesus Himself. Beloved friends, this is a prayer of Jesus Himself and He always gets what He prays for. Shall we consider stepping into the full understanding and reality of this prayer of His ? If being in a state of completeness in Oneness was not possible then He couldn’t have been able to pray that. Think about it! It is with the help of precious Holy Spirit that we can even enter into the experiential reality of this prayer. If we are not experiencing and living daily in this reality then obviously we are not entering in when its so freely available. Enjoy this short snippet from the visual bible where Jesus prays the priestly prayer and let His words sink into you.

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