Christian Wallpapers Free Isaiah 58 11 678x509 450x337 BIBLE QUOTES FOR EVERYDAY LIVING

All you need is to focus on the kingdom, every other thing will fall into place. — Matthew 6:33
When you become a love-slave of Jesus, all your struggles in life will end.— Matthew 11:28-30
Friend, you need a heart that is positively beating after the welfare of God’s kingdom.— Colossians 3:2
Prayers that don’t have kingdom emphasis may never produce great results. — Matthew 6:10
Moderate Christianity will produce moderate results, and extreme Christianity will produce extreme results. Make your choice! — Daniel 6:4-28
When you make God first, you cannot be last. — Genesis 39:8-9;41:40
Devotion to things robs one of devotion to God.— Luke 16:13
Carry God in your heart and He will carry you on His shoulder. — Daniel 6:4-28
Where you place God in your heart determines where He places you on the earth. — Mark 8:38
Your heart for God is your access to plenty.— Mark 10:29-30
A heart for God makes a star out of a mediocre.— 1 Chronicles 4:9-10
The God you cannot respect has no respect for you.— 1 Samuel 2:30
Until God secures all your attention, you don’t have His attention. — Matthew 6:33
Give Him all your attention and you are guaranteed all His attention — Jeremiah 29:13
For God to say “woe unto him that puts his trust in men”, He means, “I AM ENOUGH.” — Jeremiah 17:5-8
The cheapest way for you to become a winner is to make God your sincere focus. — Isaiah 26:3
Exalt the God of heaven, and the good of heaven will come to you. — Job 36:11
If your status must change, you must change your position with God. — 2 Chronicles 15:2
If you won’t seek God with your means, you’ll soon run out of means — Proverbs 3:9-10

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