105675501 450x306 REMOVE THAT STING

Remove the sting;remove the whine;remove the sigh.They are your enemies. They are never conducive to happiness; and we all live to gain happiness to give happiness.From every word remove the sting.Speak kindly.

To speak kindly and gently to everybody is the mark of a great soul. And it is your privilege to be a great soul. From the tone of your voice remove the whine. Speak with joy.Never complain. The more you complian, the smaller you become and the fewer will be your friends and opportunitiesSpeak tenderly, speak sweetly, speak with love.

From all the outpourings of your heart remove the sigh. Be happy and contented always. Let your spririt sing let your heart dance, let your soul declare the glory of existence for truly life is beautiful. Every sigh is a burden, a self-inflicted burden.

Every whine is a maker of trouble, a forerunner of failure. Every sting is a destroyer of happiness a dispenser of bitterness.

Eagles dont whine they soar above the other birds. They have a good vision which cannot be crowded by other birds. They soar so high that they feel they are untouchable. We are to soar like eagles with Jesus.

To live in the world of sighs is to be blind to everything that is rich and beautiful. The more we sigh, the less we live, for every sigh leads to weakness, defeat, and death.

Sighing and bitterness are dangerous. They never do as any good. They only cripple our abilities. The earlier we throw them away the better we become.

Remove the sting, remove the whine, remove the sigh. They are not your friends. There is better company waiting fro you

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