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Why do we do what we do? Is it not because we are love and made in the image of God who is love ? Can we call love love if it expects things or a certain response in return? And yet we expect people to reciprocate in the way we think and call what we give to them love. The understanding of love we have needs to be aligned according to the truth. Love is Jesus on the cross not what we have known it to be. Here is a teaching by Pastor Dan Mohler who has this revelation and understanding of love that can help us get a good look at what love really is.

When we are with Jesus, lost in Him we can never be shaken or moved. Nothing can ever trouble our hearts. It can only happen when we loose the gaze with Him and at Him and look away because something else has our attention.

God is so good. Our God is someone who created relationships. Jesus came to undo the effects of sin which caused brokenness even among people. Beloved if you see brokeness in relationships in your life please be encouraged in this that that is due to the fall of man which is reversed only in Jesus. Jesus came to bring life and reconciliation. When you release it back to Him, believe what He believes and act in love, there will be that change you will begin to see. Check out this life giving teaching and be blessed!

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