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no selfishness in love

no selfishness in love

Friends, there is no selfishness in love because love never seeks its own, and there is absolutely no love in selfishness. The only thing love ever says: i love you. It never has a clause attached to itself in the back and never loves because of any agenda. Most of us say we love people only so that it creates a reverse effect of them loving us back. Many of us also have a need in our lives because we say we love people but it is to fill a need in us. People loving us back does not make us lovable, the fact that Christ died for you proves you are loved by Him who paid such a great price for you. The fall of man twisted the image of love we were made in and made us need love from one another. But when we go back to our original state of being in the image of love, we love because that’s what God has made us, loving humans , and we love people for who they are because of who God made them.

Love has no personal agenda of its own. Its an absolutely free place and that’s what makes it so powerful. We have been in situations where we said we love people but found ourselves to be selfish. We cannot say we love purely because its not flowing out of a pristine place of pure motive towards the people. Ever prayed for a spouse acting out of the will of God, saying you so love him or her and that God should bring him or her back to His will ? We do not realize it but it is a purely selfish prayer masked by thinking we truly love the person. The fact is when we truly love the person, the prayer would be fully for the person’s created value and for his or her destiny in God so that they would fulfill it. It will never be associated to another person on earth. Compare both the prayers, friends:
1)Father change my wife to be Christlike and restore this marriage else things will not go well
2)Father my wife is so much more than her actions in the now, for sake of her created value and what Jesus did for her, help her see herself in You better

The problem with the first prayer although it seems that since you both are in a covenant things should go right, there is a catch hidden, that your wife should change so that marriage should go well. How is that loving ? Love is a free place, independent of another person because it is only God who governs our lives. Its not love when there is no sense of value and destiny of that person. We need to learn to see and pray like Father does. The way we fail to see people now is so petty in the light of eternity and what awaits us with Him. Be encouraged to seek Holy Spirit to help you see how to love from a free place. It is truly an experience which will lead you to freedom.

Dear friends, here is a comforting song for you all about the knowledge of the love of God for you. Things around us may never go the way we want or the ducks may never be in one straight line in our lives, but His love is constant and unchanging. Please take comfort in that. He is your strength, your firm foundation, never changing , always faithful, steadfast and ever present One.

” Right now today I’m loved by God this is my testimony”

Be reminded of the love of Christ today, how much He went through to restore you to your original value and purpose. Be blessed by this song! God bless you!

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