Morning prayer: Father only Your word comes out of my mouth


Dear friends in Christ,

Today as we set forth with our day committing all the works of our hands to Him let us remember that only God’s word can ever come out of our mouths. Our lives are directed by how we speak whether it be about ourselves or people or even situations we may be in. Jesus once said that it is what comes out of a man’s mouth that can defile him. We are not talking solely about confessing with our mouths but also believing God’s word with our whole hearts such that we do not entertain any thought that suggests otherwise. When we are fully soaked by His word then only His word can come out of our mouths. God expects us to think this way about His word. A lot of Christians start out their day not fully settled with they are going to believe about something. This is why the thoughts that speak otherwise go either undetected or it becomes a struggle. But when we settle what we are going to hold on to about a situation we are in place of dominion and then we can freely get on with what needs to be done in the day. Therefore, today choose to be in this place of place and dominion which we have through God’s word. Let us be grateful to Father in Heaven that every command that He even gives is to bring us to a place of confidence and boldness.

Stay blessed!

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