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Dear friends in Christ,

The best way to operate in life is to follow our Heavenly Father through the life that Jesus modeled for us. Jesus followed Heavenly Father exactly and did what He saw Him do. One of the principles our Father operates by is calling things that are not in existence in current reality as though they already are. Now that is faith! Let us follow our Father and call all the promises and will of our Father into existence. Start small and keep building the progression. That is the key to not get disappointed and self focused along the way.It is important to remember that if we speak and speak according to God’s word then we are releasing the God’s faith that is already in His word. Therefore we can rest in the fact that it is never upon us to make it come to pass. All we ever bring to the table is believing in God and what He is says He is. Pray this prayer into your life and let Holy Spirit guide you in deeper dimensions of this prayer!

Stay blessed!

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