Prayers for Vanuatu


“Father God in Heaven, in Jesus’ name we ask that the knowledge of You would erupt like volcano among the people of this nation, let there be a mighty outpouring of Your Spirit in this nation. You promised in Joel 2 Father that You will pour out Your Spirit over all flesh and your sons and daughters shall prophesy and that young ones will see visions and old ones will have dreams. According to Your word we ask You that You would fulfill it among the people of this nation. We long to see Your Kingdom come here on earth Father. We long to see Your sons and daughters arise because their light, Jesus has already come. We ask You for laborers who will labor with You in prayer and in preaching the gospel among the people in this land. We also ask You to send missionaries to this nation who will lift up the people and cause them to walk in their destinies in You. “


Friends in Christ, let us join in prayers for this nation consisting upto 270,000+ citizens as per 2016 estimates. Let us remember our prayers are being collected at the altar of God and they are being answered. Leave your prayers in the comments section so that other brothers and sisters are also encouraged to pray. It takes sacrifice to offer prayers for things that are outside of our sphere or our lives but they are not outside God’s agenda. Let us be mindful of His desires for this world and partner with Him in such a wonderful time as this.


Stay blessed!

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