Dear woman,

The created value of a woman is that she is made in the image of God, so you have the same potential as the man to be transformed into the image of Jesus Christ. Women you have your own place and this eliminates all reasons for any power struggle or for a place of dominance. When you carry this identity, you will stand in the place already given by God to you and it would not be in comparison to any other man or woman on earth. You are made in the fullness of God and therefore are capable of fully flowing with all of who He is. Women so often see themselves so subservient to man or are made to see themselves like that, but the reality is so far from truth. Seek God for this truth about who you are as a woman and learn to walk in it with Holy Spirit. There will be no more need to fight for your rights so to speak or have a place as if you do not have already. Just be a woman of Spirit absolutely devoted to following Jesus! Keep it simple! Enjoy this short video by Pastor Dan Mohler who brings the clearest form of this truth about women without any selfish twist to it. Its time to live it!

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