Dear friends, here is Todd White crying his heart out to the Body of Christ in these words:

“Right standing with God is everything.If we don’t see our right standing with God, we will try to buffet the flesh, beat it and we will and say : “Even though I don’t want to, I do the things I dont want, and even though I will to do these, I don’t do them. Oh my gosh, it’s sin in me.” And you will look at that scripture, Romans 7:19, and we will be and keep ourselves bound to that thing, and you will use it as a scape goat to remain bound to something that Jesus paid a price for us to be free from it. The scripture says : reckon yourself dead to it. Dead to that and alive to this. It says don’t be a slave to sin any longer. We are now chained, ball and chained to righteousness. We are chained to righteousness and it’s the best thing ever. People will then rebuke and say: Dont say you are perfect. But Bible says be perfect. Perfection doesn’t mean we are doing everything perfect. No that’s wrong thinking. We are in a relationship with Him and we are in love with Him. We have this internal gardener in our lives who prunes and clips the branches in our lives that do not bear fruit anymore. He clips the things that got to go and we obey. Its a love relationship we have with our Father. That we are so in love with Him that anything that competes has to be finished. “

Let us receive this word wholeheartedly and bring that change in our lives. Listen to understand more and buy more truth.

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