Many miracles, encounters with God does not mean we love God. Even being raised from the dead does not mean we love God. Even reading the word of God night and day without truly wanting Him doesn’t mean we love God. Throughout the history of mankind we see a passionate, consistent and all pursuing love story of God who kept longing for an intimate love relationship with mankind. We see it in what He did through the fall, sending His Son Jesus to redeem and through sending Holy Spirit. Question really though is did His longings get satisfied? Bible records people crossing red sea and complaining, people receiving Jesus and fearful for their lives and people who will fall away. Through it all though there were people who God could find who truly loved Him and bible records that as well. And He is still looking for His lovers. Will we be those lovers of God? We have a little window of time called life on earth where it will become evident whether we truly saw His first love and responded to Him with love for Him, because when all this is said and done on earth we will live with Him forever without ever having to have faith or love Him in our sufferings.

Enjoy this sermon by Rolland Baker.

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