Christ is not only all these things that has been mentioned: He is also our Mediator, our Sanctifier, our Justifier; in fact, it would take volumes to tell what He desires to be to every individual soul. While looking through some papers I once read this wonderful description of Christ. I do not know where it originally came from; but it was so fresh to my soul that I should like to give it to you:-
“Christ is our Way; we walk in Him.
He is our Truth; we embrace Him.
He is our Life; we live in Him.
He is our Lord; we choose Him to rule over us.
He is our Master; we serve Him.
He is our Teacher, instructing us in the way of salvation.
He is our Prophet, pointing out the future.
He is our Priest, having atoned for us.
He is our Advocate, ever living to make intercession for us.
He is our Saviour, saving to the uttermost.
He is our Root; we grow from Him.
He is our Bread; we feed upon Him.
He is our Shepherd, leading us into green pastures.
He is our true Vine; we abide in Him.
He is the Water of Life; we slake our thirst from Him.
He is the fairest among ten thousand- we admire Him above all others.
He is ‘the brightness of the Father’s glory, and the express image of His person;’ we strive to reflect His likeness.
He is the upholder of all things; we rest upon Him.
He is our Wisdom; we are guided by Him.
He is our Righteousness; we cast all our imperfections upon Him.
He is our Sanctification; we draw all our power for holy life from Him.
He is our Redemption, redeeming us from all iniquity.
He is our healer, curing all our diseases.
He is our Friend, relieving us in all our necessities.
He is our Brother, cheering us in our difficulties.”

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