Dear brothers and sisters, there is only one response to sexual temptation: Flee from it. Don’t manage it, don’t put it at bay, don’t stay in the same place. Run! That is the commandment of God from His word. Its that simple. Temptation is designed to be pleasurable, so it will pull you towards remaining in it, and will make you expectant of the end result. You mind that has not been renewed will play out the whole scenario in an instant if you choose to remain in that place. So brothers and sisters, the moment you sense any sexual temptation, don’t gratify it even for a moment.

Lets first deal with it at the root level shall we?
Sexual temptation comes in the form of thoughts first. You have to bring every thought that’s not in agreement to God into the obedience to God. You have to fight it consciously. First of all know you are victorious over it, cause Jesus changed your story,He made you more than a conqueror and sin has no dominion over you. He has done it. Now its time to stand against it and overcome every temptation. Secure your victory.

To actively fight it deal with it first at the thought level. Renew your mind about this area with the word of God. Every time any thought of that arises in your mind, create a visual or physical reminder for yourself to help you to make this a habit. Lets say a sexual thought arises, a physical reminder could be you lifting your hands immediately to God and thanking Him that He has made you a new creation that knows how God thinks about it. Make sure that reminder is unique to such thoughts. As you continue on it you will see such thoughts won’t even cross your mind cause you have already dealt with it with the word of God and rewired your thinking.

Remember, you are more than what you are giving yourself to. Don’t give in to temptation. Be blessed!

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