Power of Momentum for Christ

One of the secrets of the bible revealed through the life of Jesus was the power of momentum. Momentum only results in snowballing effect. Once momentum is ongoing no one can stop it. The only thing one can do with momentum is run along in tandem with it. This is what we see from the life of Jesus. Pharisees couldn’t find a fault in Him, darkness couldn’t overpower Him, sin and hatred of people didn’t waver Him from God’s commission to Him. Even death resulted into explosion of God’s goodness and annihilation of enemy’s plans.

Having lived in this world and living according to what we knew and learnt from this world, we do not have a full view of God’s ways. Therefore, we have learnt to live as per how our situations are going. Many people do not go further because their spouse or children went wayward. Many people do not choose to live for God anymore because sickness or accident happened in their lives. And so many begin to question God first.But did you know God placed a secret in His word where it says in Matthew 6:33: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” The moment you make up your mind to seek God’s Kingdom first, live for His great name, put His word above everything in this life and go forward to advance His Kingdom, that is when situations begin to align. However, this means that purity of heart is also required for this. We must not be people found to be exploiting God’s word by treating it as a principle to better our own lives. In other words, we cannot say we will advance His Kingdom so that my situation will change. That kind of an attitude will cripple us again where our progress will only be proportional to our situations changing. Therefore, make up your minds that you will with sincerity of your hearts run all out for Christ.

Run all out for Christ

What will happen with your momentum for Christ ?

1) The secret revealed through momentum for Jesus is that the one moment you do so and run ahead, you will pull others to run for Jesus as well. Momentum is contagious. People with momentum for Christ have life around them because of the life in them. They are causing every valley of baca, every valley with dry bones, every valley of hopelessness to have the life of God flowing in abundance and turning them into springs of life, into army of God and into life itself.

2) Momentum is able to bring growth into the Body of Christ. One life surrendered is equivalent to world being turned upside down and right way up. One life available, yielded to Holy Spirit is nothing in comparison to a million lives that are in rebellion. Why ? Because that life being lived for God will flip the destinies of those million lives. Therefore, for the sake of your love for the elect of God, you must run all out for Christ, regardless of what is in line or not.

3) Your momentum reveals your love for Jesus. Because He is Lord. Because you are saying with your life running this race, that His word alone is the authority over you. By doing so you are lifting God’s word above every other thing, even your very life. Your momentum for Christ reveals your love for the world. If you truly place yourself in God who sent His only Son because He so loved the world, then you will really see how your progress for Him in so indispensable. Your momentum for Jesus reveals your love for the saints. It also reveals your love for your family. It also reveals your love for those who are sick because even if you are faced with sickness you are ready to pray for healing of others.
Do not be unaware of the schemes of the enemy. The moment you decide to run or to continue on in your race, the enemy may try to stir up trouble among the ones closest to you or in the church that you are running. That is why more than ever, to trump his attack you must run faster in your momentum. Start doing more for God. This sounds counter intuitive and invites a lot of logical questions. But if you sit down to answer them without moving forward you will slow down. Remember, beloved, your answers are in the race not when you sit down to analyse.

4) Precious saint of God you must move forward in God and be the connection point between heaven and earth just like Jesus was living on this earth in flesh. Decide to live in such a way that God can tell you anything and you would jump into it to get it done. Let it be that God can tell you anything and His will on earth is done.

You are blessed! So now RUN all out for Christ!

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