Dealing with pain is hard and often Christians either bury it, distract themselves into something else or replace it with temporarily gratifying habits. When we do not deal with pain completely we are setting ourselves up for living the rest of our lives from that place of brokenness. That was never what God intended for us. Pain comes to us in many different ways and forms and sometimes not seeing God’s will done in the lives of our loved ones can also be painful. Sometimes we loose our dear ones. Tribulations that come also try to steer us off course. To be able to deal with pain in a complete way we must let Holy Spirit take us into the experiential revelation of God’s unconditional love towards us especially in those broken parts of our lives where we have not gained a clear perspective on how God thinks about us. Christa Black shares with us very candidly how one can step into this and what happens when one does. Check it out!

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