The answer is absolutely yes. We hear of so many testimonies of physical healing but hardly ever about mental illnesses but there are many around us or maybe you yourself are suffering from it. Often times we have been made to believe that any form of mental disease is a physical condition but it is most times a spiritual oppression of the enemy for a consistent period of time. The enemy’s scheme is against the mind because once the mind of a Christian gets renewed he or she will look exactly like the new creation he or she is inside in their spirits. But till then the battle rages on against the mind.

One of the greatest revelations is simply this : WHY DO YOU WANT TO PAY FOR SOMETHING THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN PAID FOR? Yes Jesus already wore the crown of thorns on His head while He thought of us and paid our price , paid for our sufferings, griefs, afflictions with His own death. SO why pay when He paid already? Why suffer when He already did so you do not have to ? Watch the testimony of brother Ben Fitzgerald who himself suffered from it along with his family members and they all got delivered and healed completely from this.

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