Ex 3:14 And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.

When God told Moses to go, Moses turned back to God in fear and said, “Who are you?”God’s response was “I AM.” That is the verse above. What God said was really powerful and should not be considered as just a normal answers. God gave a profound answer that would change the cause of the universe and the way Christians have to view the world.

When we need hope and answers to our prayers. God says “I AM YOUR HOPE AND THE ANSWER”

When we ask ourselves who could possibly be smart enough to figure all this out? God says “I AM SMART ENOUGH”

1.If you need to know what works in life? God says “I AM WHAT WORKS”
2.If we want to know what lasts forever? God says “I AM WHAT LASTS FOREVER”
3.If we want to know the latest thing? God says “I AM”
4.If we want to know what’s the hippest thing? God says “I AM”
5.If we need a fresh start. God says “I AM”
6.If we need a bigger story. God says “I AM”
7.If we need a vision that is bigger then our resources. GOD says “I AM”
8.If nothing seems not so real anymore. God says “I AM REAL”
9.If we need someone we can trust forever. God says “I AM”
10.If you are not sure who is on your team. God says “I AM”
11.If nobody is listening to you. God says “I AM THERE TO LISTEN TO YOU”
12.If your marriage is sinking and you don’t know where to turn. God says “I AM, TURN TO ME”
13.If you cant hold on any longer. God says “I AM THERE FOR YOU TO HOLD”
14.If you are pouring into others. Who’s pouring into me? God says “I AM”
15.If you are tired.God says ” I AM THERE TO SUPPORT YOU”
16.If you want to quit. God says “I AM YOUR FAN, DO NOT QUIT”
17.If you cant. God says “I AM POSSIBLE”

18.If you need to take a drink. God says “I AM YOU RIVERS OF LIVING WATERS”
19.If you need a fix. God says “I AM”
20.If you need a lover.God says “I AM”
21.If you just need somebody to hold me……God says”I AM…I AM the first and the last and the beginning and the end.
22.God is always there for us so let us call on Him

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