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Dear friends in Christ,

Jesus said in Mark 4:26 that the Kingdom of God is like a farmer who scatters seed on the ground. Friends, God has given us enough seed which is His word for any circumstance in our lives. It is only when we receive it and hold onto it without shaking or letting go that we shall surely have it. We are the ones who are to protect it from being taken away by the enemy. The enemy will surely come to steal God’s word because he fears what can happen if the seed of word of God takes root, grows and gets established. So he is not personally after us but after the word of God in our lives. Therefore, gird up and take hold of God’s word today. Join us in praying this prayer into our lives so that we get established in God’s word that it will grow and multiply in us.

Stay blessed!

There is a once and for all decision that every Christian has to make which is, will he or she be decided by God, His word and His promises alone. Needless to say this decision gets challenged by every situation or moment we go through in a day. There is no option to this nor is there an excuse no matter how strong that can give us a leeway from this. Jesus is surely coming back to His people but when He comes will we have the boldness in front of Him? Will we be able to present to Him any of the excuses or putting off we hold for ourselves now from living this life solely by His word? No, we will not even be able to speak let alone be able to explain. It will be quite clear to us if we have indeed lived according to His word or not. Love for Jesus is judged by us keeping His words and that is what He is going to see. If it wont be possible on that day let us not buy ourselves time we do not have to live in reasonings that seem right to us now but are not according to His word or live in anything other than in His word. It is not worth it. We encourage you with this song by bethel worship as you reflect upon your life.

With the dominion in Christ that we Christians get to walk in, its unbelievable how many exploits we can do for our God. We have been given the dominion over the works of His hands on earth. This dominion works with the authority we have been given because of Jesus. This authority is solely based on God’s word and what it says. Jesus’ secret of His ministry was simply that He believed, obeyed and did what the word of God said. Because we do not see this truth we always get overwhelmed by the situations we are in. But Jesus was never once overwhelmed by any situation. Why ? The word of God prepared Him and made Him so that He could turn every situation to the glory of God. Truly the solution to your situation is in the way you believe and speak about it. Its very easy to keep stating the facts but life giving to speak the truth regardless of the facts. If we keep stating the facts like ” I do not have any money” then the situation will only get worse and money will surely deplete. But if we believe and confess the word of God then situation will start to align to your reality in God. For anyone looking for this truth and proper explanation of it check out this teaching by Charles Capps and it surely will give you solutions to turn your situations around. Be blessed!

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