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Check out this powerful and truth filled teaching by Todd White.

The fact is Jesus has already paved a way for your freedom in Him, which means freedom from your self, sin, old man nature and the corruption of this world. So the struggles we see in our lives running in loops and circles of same patterns of bondage exposes where we still need to see the truth of freedom Jesus made available to us. But the main question is do we want to be free and want it so much that we will approach it like its our only way forward ? If we are only going to “try” a method for sure something will not encourage you to keep your pursuit and will make you think its not working. Therefore, if the desire to be free in Jesus is fully pursued then you will see that freedom as you pursue Him.

We take Jesus everywhere we go because He lives in us, so why not give Him to people wherever we are ? Through One Man’s death, that of Jesus all died, this we must settle in our hearts. The path of life has been created forever for all but who will make them aware of it ? Jesus paved that way to the Father once and for all but do men know this ? Who will tell them this ? Isn’t us who know the truth ? But if we keep our eyes on ourselves and our needs we will never be fully able to bring this truth to people who are just in our vicinity and need the truth of who He is the most. This documentary is an encouragement for us to be able to see who what walking in truth with Jesus daily on the go looks like. Enjoy!

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