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Dear friends, your victory is in the worship. Jesus went into prayer and dealt with His battles before He ever went out to face them. If we want to remain victorious in our battles we must first settle them in our prayer time. Fellowship with God and worshipping Him will fill us up to step out with His presence. Watch this fantastic revelatory teaching by Brother Curry Blake and let the truth work in your life.

This month of January we will focus on prayer and how to get grounded in it. Here is a teaching by John Paul Jackson on the mystery of prayer and possibly you may have never known prayer in this manner. Enjoy!

Hey friends here is a compilation of some of the intimate songs for communion with our Heavenly Father, songs that will make our hearts come alive to truth about Him and who we are in Him, songs will make our eyes of understanding open and see the changes we ought to make in our lives. Join in with these songs and add some songs in your own time of communion with Him and let yourself truly fellowship with Him. Be blessed!

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