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This is not a magic formular for the believer. But it is a guideline or a way we should pray when we have resentments in our heart and are struggling to forgive.

Lord Jesus, You know me completely. You know that I have steadily refused to forgive this one who has wronged me, yet have had the audacity often to seek Your forgiveness for my own wrongdoing.

The acids of bitterness and a vengeful spirit have threatened to eat away my peace. Yet I have stubbornly rationalized every unlovely motive. I have said, “I am clearly in the right. It is only human to dislike a few people. This one deserves no forgiveness.” How well I know that neither have I ever deserved the forgiveness which You have always freely granted me.

So, Lord Jesus, I ask You now for the grace to forgive this hurt. Even now, I am divided about it, only partially willing to release it. But You can manage even my reluctance, my loitering feet. Take now my divided will and make it one piece, wholly Your will.

And Lord, I give to You this emotion of resentment which clings as if glued to my heart. Take it from me. Cleanse every petty thought. Make me sweet again.

I dare to ask that You will not forgive me to the extent that I have forgiven (insert name here), but that You will bless (insert name here) to the degree that You have blessed me. For these great mercies I thank You, in Your name, who gave me the supreme example in forgiving even those who crucified You.

In Jesus Name Amen.

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