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Reckless love in this context means the extreme extent God went to through the sacrifice of His Son to bring back His sons that were lost due to the fall. Reckless love will never give up because it is never thinking of its own but exclusively for the one it is pursuing. There are so many of us who have sincere hearts for God but have found ourselves in circles of sin in our lives. We never realize the extreme extent of love of God for us that never ends. Such deep love can only ever melt our hearts to give our lives to Him and not take it for granted.

Cross is the ultimate expression of love which Father God displayed. For those who have lost the way or have found themselves in darkness, return to the One who gave it all for you by giving Himself. It was at this Cross where Jesus died that mercy and truth met together;righteousness and peace kissed each other(Psalms 85:10). Through this Cross He has established forever that He loves us and will not give up on us. So just turn back to Him and give yourselves to Him. Only IN your Maker will you see who you are!

Enjoy this worship song!

Dear friends enjoy this beautiful song of worship to our Beloved Jesus, our King of glory.

Jesus clearly stated we the Church are to be the salt and light to the world. But Church fails to live every word that Jesus said and mixes itself with the culture it is in. A trend that the world picks up, 20 years down the line Church has made clear that it picks it up so much so that there is no difference between world and the Church. This was not what Jesus intended for the Church. If we do not live upto the standards that Jesus set for us and live as per His word then who will the world go to for help when their false foundations will give away ? It is very easy to dilute the gospel but eventually it will bite us.The one thing Jesus will consider when we all stand infront of Him in if we have conformed to His image. So how can that take place if we do not consider where we have diluted His word, where we live by flesh and where we do not live holy?

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