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A sweet song of surrender to God and reaffirming to Him and your soul to rest in Him alone.

What is the view of Christianity the world has taken so far ? Its the rules of what one cannot do. Just speak to someone, anyone, and ask them their view of Christianity, you will this from them. The real core of Christianity however is that we get to have an intimate relationship of love with God our Father through Jesus Christ and we get to be like Him. On a general scale people do not have this perspective when they see the life of Christians because Christians haven’t understood it themselves. Lets get the core of being a Christian right, dear friends. THe best part of being a Christian is that we get to represent who He is to people. If you simply catch this your world and who you influence will change. Be blessed!

God knows how to bring His “child to be through Christ” back to Himself. Check out this testimony of a sister who was an atheist herself for years but one question begins her quest towards know Christ. We can also see how God then puts stepping stones along her way to get to know Him. God works in so many different ways that its so exciting to know Him in that way. Truly in His every pursuit we get to see His love for us.

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