Ever thought why Jesus would put Himself in you: Christ in you the hope of glory? Imagine for a moment, a whole body of believers who understand this essence of the gospel, spread out across this globe, walking and manifesting Jesus. In other words, imagine millions of Jesus everywhere and doing exactly what we saw Him do in the gospels. Imagine the love of God that would be on this earth. The truth is that’s exactly Jesus’ vision when He put Himself in us. That’s the place He is taking us brothers and sisters and it is possible to get there.

No longer do we have to look at the gospels or the book of acts and wonder why we do not see that in the Church today. All it takes is dying to the old man, the way we have known and understood life, the way that seemed right to us but was contrary to God and we simply embrace the image of God we are. The reason it takes so long for us to let go of the old is because we do not fully realize how glorious embracing our new identity really is. But from today if we focus our eyes and make our vision single towards truth and begin to see from the word of God we will see that glorious reality instantly. It happens the moment you decide.

In this video, Todd White shares how Jesus would look like to the people of this generation we live, through few examples. He makes a very thought provoking remark: Its about people seeing Jesus in you so much that they don’t see you at all. Think about that for a bit. God bless you, saints of God 🙂

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