Ever noticed the lesser you obey God the joy you have in Him depreciates? Yes obedience to God produces joy.We do all sorts of things but obey. We look for revelation after revelation or prophecy after prophecy but not once do we actually do what God tells us to start walking in all the revelations and prophecies we received. Art Thomas in this sermon makes this interesting remark and says that he actually has days called “doing revelations days”. If we do not walk in obedience how we ever produce the fruit Jesus talked about?

Praying so that atmosphere changes is not what will actually produce the result and the change we want to see , its the obedience to the word of God. Heaven does not even understand why we do everything but obeying. Its the doing of the word of God that matters.

Honestly if we could keep our eyes and understanding focused on Heaven and aspects and nature of God our whole attitude would be different. Obedience will in that place then be a direct requirement to see things according to heaven on earth. Just realize this and zap into the actual reality of who you are for a moment: you are seated in heavenly places in Christ and you are the citizen of Heaven and you do not know what lack is because everything around you is abundance, joy and majesty of God.In this realm you already know nothing is impossible for God and He is the owner of everything. Now come down to earth where you see lack in your finances. So if you keep holding onto your reality of you from heaven, not even one anxious thought will even cross your mind. You will instead think its a piece of cake for Heaven and you will act in faith in God who is able to see to your needs. You will be the atmosphere of heaven to your situation on earth. Trusting God and His word is a simple act of obedience in this case. Its that simple. Our focus needs to be in the right place.

Obedience is not something God is pushing on you so that you can have what you desire which is how we often see it. Instead it is display of love to a loving Father who you absolutely trust. So think about this and transform your life with this truth. This post is not to inspire you but to see transformation in you. Be blessed!

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