Dear friends, the bible stresses greatly on the whole truth and the whole counsel of God that we as Christians must know and conduct our lives around. What happens usually is that we get hold of some truth at the churches we go to or the sermons we listen to and stick to a few aspects of the gospel. In doing so we stick to certain aspects we do like or greatly feel the need to grow in and never make it to the rest of the truth. Has it not happened with us that we started with knowing the identity in Christ for ourselves, continued on it and found ourselves up and down and remained proclaiming and confessing it to get to the stage of actually living it? That kind of a process can takes years sometimes and we get on with life as usual as the busyness of it occupies our whole attention. But it is when we put a pause in life on a regular basis and reevaluate and examine ourselves if we are indeed in faith. This kind of an evaluation with Holy Spirit and the word of God will cause us to actually recognize there are more aspects of the gospel that we may not necessarily be aware of. That is why teachings like one of these by brother Curry Blake are so sobering cause we get exposed to the truth that we may not be aware of or avoid. This is a solid teaching of the truth and when you start listening to it your beings will resonate with it. Friends, its a good day when convictions arise within us a lot and we recognize it and make the necessary changes. Its a good day when truth comes in to challenge the junk we often believe and conduct our lives around. Let us be sober and be redeeming the time that we have here on earth. Be blessed by the work of the Holy Spirit and desire it more and more. Embrace His work and do not run away from it because you cannot face what is ugly. Remember He is only showing us who we really are and exposing the junk. Trust Him!

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